Edward Lehman Cleared of Contempt

On 22nd March 2013, the Hong Kong Court of Appeal in case CACV177/12 set aside the conviction and 6 month suspended prison sentence imposed on Edward Eugene Lehman by the High Court in July 2013 for contempt.

The Hong Kong Court of Appeal found that there was no contempt of Court and therefore no basis for the suspended sentence. The other side was ordered to pay the costs incurred by Lehman in bringing the appeal.

When asked to comment on the recent decisions, Lehman stated that:

“I am very glad to be exonerated from being in contempt of court. I am also pleased with the fact that Mr. and Mrs. Brown had to pay my fees to be exonerated by the court. Although I had gone through a very difficult time since 2010, I am hopeful that all these litigations in Hong Kong can continue to be positively resolved in the near future.”